The People
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Key to Abbreviations

Uezzell ? w S.Print {1948-78}; ph; src snn/76

Ulrich, Sydney Victor (1906- ) Gravure m/c asst w S.Engrv, S.Print (1928-69 ret; he came to the Sun from Waterlows as a jobbing hand on the Foster rotary press, where he printed Barker's catalogue; he transferred to gravure m/c where he worked on #16 rewind, the Albert (#6) with Nockles, H., and on #19 with Donnelly, F.; src AHlist; snn/9

Unarney, J. Glass planning w S.Print {1962}; src sn/Feb 62

Underwood, Alfred L. (1892-1964) Gravure m/c, jnymn w S.Print (1933-61 ret; src sn/Oct64

Underwood, B. (Mrs ), see Seabrook, Miss Alma

Underwood, Maureen Admin w S.Print {~1960}; src Wilson, Mavis

Underwood, V. Gravure m/c, jnymn w S.Engrv, S.Print {1933-76); src AHlist; snn/53

Underwood, W.R. ( -1980), Cpl. (R.A.F.) Warehouse, despatch w S.Engrv, S.Print (1931-70 ret; src SWn Christmas 42; SaW/1/4; snn/14, 83

Unsworth, J., Spr. (R.E.) Warehouse w S.Engrv {1939-45}; src SaW/4

Unsworth, Lesley (Les) Gravure process, deposition, asst w S.Print (1983- }; src EMlist

Upton, E.J. Warehouse w S.Print (1953-70) ret; src snn/14

Upton, L.W. (?N.), Spr. (R.E.) Line Etching [MH] w S.Engrv {1939-51}; src SaW/3/4; Impr v1/7

Upton, Ronald William John (1915-1970) Warehouse, packer w S. Print (1949-70); src snn/12

Urie, D.C. ? w S.Engrv {1945}; src Gordon Greenhill obit, WHP 15Nov45

Uttley, H. Douglas (Doug) Gravure m/c, asst w S.Print (1945-70 ret; src snn/14; VS; Sillwood, Colin F.

Utton, Audrey (née Sams) (1929- ) (m Utton, Roy F.) Accounting [MH] w S.Engrv {1944}; src Blackie, Doreen

Utton, Roy F., Spr. (R.E.) (1924- ) (m Sams, Audrey) Tone Printing [MH] w S.Engrv {1939-48}; ph; src SWn May 43; SaW/1/3/4; Blackie, Doreen

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