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The abbreviations in bold face are those used in the People files.

House Magazines

Busheygrams (BGms)

At least 11 issues were published by André and Sleigh / Bushey Colour Press from 1913 until 1915.

The archives now contain photocopies of, or photographs of certain pages of:
No. 1

No. 2

[No. 2, ‘Bushey-crams,’ February 1914, a spoof produced for a company dinner]
No. 3


No. 5, March 1914

No. 6 (Printing Exhibition Number)

No. 7

No. 8

No. 9

No. 10

No. 11

Busheygrams became...

Illustration (Illustr)

Illustration ‘New Series’ ran from 1915 to 1921. The total number of issues is unknown.

The archives now contain:

No. 1, Vol. IV [1915] (published by André, Sleigh & Anglo)

No. 2, Vol. IV, 1915

No. 3, Vol. IV [early 1918] (published by Sun Engraving Co., as were all subsequent issues)


No. 5, Vol. IV [autumn 1919]

No. 6 [Christmas 1919]

No. 7, Vol. IV



No. 10, Vol. VI

No. 11, Vol. VI

No. 12, Vol. VI

No. 13, Vol. VI

No. 14, Vol. VII

No. 15, Vol. VII

No. 16, Vol. VII.

Sun War News (SWn)

At least 7 issues were published by Sun Engraving Co. from September 1941 until October 1943.

The archives now contain:
No. 1, Sept 1941

[No. 3], Christmas 1941
No. 4, May 1942
No. 5, Aug 1942
And one further issue, whose date and number are unknown (part of cover missing).

Sun War News became ...

The ‘Sun’ at War (SaW)

Bound volumes were published in October 1943, April 1944, December 1944, and October 1945.

The archives now contain all four volumes.
Note: Every name in The ‘Sun’ at War has been cross-checked and entered into the People page of this web site. However, perhaps owing to wartime pressure, the contents of these volumes are not very reliable. Many names are misspelled and, not infrequently, a surname alone appears in the magazine. Where we were uncertain, we have indicated alternative spellings, alternative initials, even alternative departments, in parentheses with a question mark.

Impressions (Hazell-Sun House Magazine) (Impr)

69 issues were published by Hazell-Sun between 1949 and 1966.

The archives now contain all issues. Sincere thanks to Rosemary Hanscombe for the donation of a complete set.

Sun News (including Rembrandt) (sn)

This first series ran from 1954 to 1960, overlapping Impressions. Itr was published by Sun Printers.

The archives now contain all issues except No. 1.
Sun News (sn)

This publication was produced by Roy Evans, Graham Leech, and Digby Wakeman, and published by Sun Printers. The series ran from 1961 to 1968. It overlapped Impressions.

The archives now contain:

1961: December

1962: February, April, June/July, August, October, December

1963: February, April, June [personnel section only], August, October, December

1964: February, May, August, October, December

1965: Spring, Summer, Autumn, December

1966: Spring, Summer, Autumn, December

1967: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Christmas

1968: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Christmas

Sun News became...

Sun News (‘Sunews’/‘SUNews’), New Series (snn)

89 issues were published by Sun Printers and Odhams-Sun between 1969 and October 1981.

The archives now contain all 89 issues.

With issue 89, Sun News came to an end. The parent corporation, the British Printing and Communications Corporation, took over at this point and began publishing a corporate magazine, BPCC Progress, in which the Sun was only one among many companies included in what was essentially a promotional magazine. The archives now contain three issues of Progress. It is not known how many were published.

Company Publications and Promotions

The Way of the Sun (Sun Engraving, c.1928)

The Sun Compendium (Sun Engraving Co., 1929)

Sun Type Book (Sun Engraving Co., c.1932)

The Book of Sungravure (Sun Engraving Co., c.1938)

Sungravure Printing Equipment (Sun Engraving Co., 1938)

Sun Printers Ltd Types (Sun Printers, c.1946)

Operation ‘Sun’Rise (Sun Printers, c.1953)

SUN in the seventies (Sun Printers, c.1970)

Into the 80’s with SUN Printers (Sun Printers, c.1980)


Other Publications

British Printing and Communications Corporation, BPCC Progress: A report to staff, shareholders, customers & suppliers, Jan. 1983, Spring 1983, Jan. 1984.

Leech, Miriam, with Charles F. Cook, David Greenhill, Master Printer (Private, c. 1951).
Hunter, Eileen, The Profound Attachment (London: André Deutsch, 1969).
Lilien, Otto M., Early History of Industrial Gravure Printing to 1900 (Reading: Berkshire College of Art, 1963).
–– History of Industrial Gravure Printing up to 1920 (London: Lund Humphries, 1972).
Mertle, J.S., Evolution of Photogravure (Oshkosh, WI: Private, 1957).