Sun Project Questionnaire




Mailing Address:

What years did you work at Sun Printers, Sun Engraving, Rembrandt, or the other firms?

How did you get your job with the company?

What department(s) did you work in? (if more than one, please link to years, if possible)

What job(s) did you hold? (please identify department(s) and give dates, if possible)

Who did you work with and/or for? (please identify department)

Can you provide us with memorabilia? (Anything you send us will be handled carefully and returned if you so request.) We are particularly interested in receiving:

photographs (of the factory, offices, studio, staff, visitors, events, yourself at work)
company-related documents (memoranda, letters, personnel and equipment lists, chapel lists, promotional and advertising items, contracts, etc.)
company newsletters or magazines (e.g., Busheygrams, Illustration, Impressions, Sun News – first series); see the ‘Sources’ link on the About Us page for specific issues we are missing.
work samples

Can you provide us with the names and addresses of relatives or other people who worked for the Sun?

And most important of all: please send us your stories. The ideas on the Help Us page might serve to get the memories flowing, but please don’t restrict yourself to the topics we’ve suggested. Write as much as you like on whatever you think might be of interest. Or send us your reminiscences on tape.

Last but not least, please tell us what you think of this web site.

Print copy of completed questionnaire before sending.

Submit completed questionnaire electronically.

Print blank questionnaire (using Adobe Acrobat reader) to complete and send by ordinary mail (the printed questionnaire will have our mailing and e-mail addresses).